giovedì 25 settembre 2014

BELLART chandelier and wall lamp Vanity Collection in sale by

BELLART chandelier Vanity BE/1806/L12L

Bellart VANITY Collection

Chrome, black nickel, hand made glasses.

Delivery time 20 days.

Creating, innovating, characterizing styles and trends, foreseeing the wishes of a public more and more careful to total quality, always looking for beauty. These are the inspiring principles of Bellart collections, real home fittings solutions that enlighten spaces and locations highlighting slices of life, creating soft atmospheres like generous vaults of light. Reinterpreting the great classics of elegance, fresh ideas and new stylistic paths forge metals and skilfully shape glass, identifying new shades of taste, pleasant and original, typical of Bellart
collections, a brand in continuous evolution that since 1985 has been thinking and producing entirely in Italy. Precious objects that are technically functional, aesthetically superior, absolutely unique, created to offer that tactile and visual pleasure that only craftsmanship can convey.
Bellart light collections – luxury is on.    

Bellart Vanity chandelier: detail
BELLART chandelier Vanity BE/1806/L6L
BELLART Wall lamp Vanity BE/1806/A3L