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Further discount? Lighting elements on

Further discount?
Topdomus is the sole authorized dealer for major lighting firms and furnaces.

We are their e-commerce door.

Many of our firms provide Topdomus with discount rates which sometimes are not competitive.
This happens because major lighting firms do not want to offend sales foreign partners offering e-commerce discounts more favourable than the ones offered in local foreign shops.

If you find on our website a product or element without a discount or with a discount of less than 20%, please send us an email, we will be more than pleased to design a proper discount rate for you.

State clearly the article, model, color and your country and we will send you  a tailor-made discount code than will make your purchase ...a bargain!

The same will happen if you find a competitor selling an article for a better price.
Send us their quotation and we will develop an even better price for you.

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Traditional Collection
DE MAJO CIOCCA S16 LATTIMO Suspension in Murano Glass

Available in clear glass, red, milkwhite or clear glass black rim with chrome metal structure. clear glass gold with a gold coloured finished frame, black with a black chrome plated frame.

The Murano chandelier

De Majo Illuminazione, since the 1940's when the company was first set up in Murano, has focused the talent and expert skills of master glassmakers on creating classic chandeliers acquiring over the years experience and expertise which, still today, can be seen in the range of lighting solutions offered.

It is without doubt that the classic Venetian chandelier, over recent years, has been reinterpreted not only as a lighting source, but reconsidered as a furnishing feature thanks to its versatility adapting perfectly to any context.

Another important quality (an exceptional characteristic of Murano glass) is that the classic chandelier has been rethought thanks to the talent of designers and master glassmakers offering the market a new vision without losing sight of traditional glassmaking methods, a classic product transformed to satisfy contemporary design and appeal.

Aware that the chandelier can become a focal feature, these lighting solutions can be personalised, therefore the models, sizes and colours of all the chandeliers in this catalogue can vary depending on specific customer requirements and if requested, de Majo offers unique and exclusive design projects, representing the excellence of this company.

Chandeliers which enhance homes, palaces, villas and hotels worldwide and which de Majo, Illuminazione continues to produce, since 1947, in Murano by skilled and expert glassmakers and designed in-house by the company's creative team all of whom not only have specialist experience, but good taste, culture and an appreciation for a refined appeal, indispensable qualities and skills to achieve excellence.

The ability to interpret and offer an artisan tradition of crafting expertise and know-how.

The talent of skilled craftsmen which still today holds the key to a unique heritage of culture.

Chandeliers which enriched the homes of noble Venetians in the XVIII° centur y today, as then, maintain their eternal charm for their timeless splendour.

MADE IN MURANO AUTHENTIC without being overly ornate offers true elegance and beauty.