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DE MAJO FUOCO K8 Murano glass chandelier on sale by

de majo chandelier on sale by
DE MAJO FUOCO K8 Murano glass chandelier
DE MAJO FUOCO K8 Murano glass chandelier.

Glass chandelier with gold leaf available in the following colours: clear glass,
red and amber.

The Four Elements
design Roberto Assenza, Francesco Dei Rossi

Since Empedocles, citizen of Agrigentum, developed his belief that all matter was composed of four elements Earth, Water, Air and Fire mankind has never stopped questioning these themes. The philosophical speculation combined with Pythagoras’ theorem rationalised the study of physics and mathematics creating the base of modern European Science. Plato endowed the idea of the real existence of a perfect world superior to the world we see, imperfect, adding a fifth element, Aether, which went beyond the simple study of the material matter of things. He associated a solid geometric form to each of the elements representing their characteristics.
Whoever visits the furnaces on the island of Murano relives the magic of seeing matter transmute. And if it is not the philosophical stone sought by the Alchemists, the tradition of colour on Murano still today contains this almost magical appearance, astounding, by blending in the right measures other elements to sand transforming it into glass with an almost infinite range of colours. Created by Roberto Assenza and developed together with Francesco De Rossi, the luminaire The Four Elements revisits the theme of the Venetian chandelier translated into an a form of sophisticated artistic expression which at times can be overly exaggerated. The effort was focused on making the concepts recognisable without falling into the trap of being overly ornate, achieving an objective, the essential idea of each detail by drawing on the Murano glassmaking tradition. The vertical configuration follows one of the concepts which regulates how the details and features are arranged. Beginning with the Element Earth, the most static of all the elements, the kingdom of minerals, vegetation and animals, motherly and nutritious, and base of the five Platonic solids. Water follows, with its continuous flow evaporating to fall again on the earth making it fertile. Air, this element creates the dividing line between the earth and the sky, that vital breeze that transforms.
Fire the first of the superior elements, the lightest and most free moving, the only with the power to transmute metal. Fire stolen from the Gods by Prometheus is the beginning of humankind. At the apex the Pythagorean star which encloses in its geometry the magic Golden Section, the number identifying universal proportion and harmony intended as a simplification of the starred Platonic dodecahedron representing the fifth element, the quintessence, Ether.

Murano glass chandelier de majo fuoco
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