venerdì 27 settembre 2013

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SITAP Pepe Barcelona COL.18 Teppich

Contemporary is a fresh, actual, simple and elegant collection, with high thickness and highly material appearance.
The choice of materials and the working method allow the collection to fully respect the creative thought that is the base of the collection.
The yarns are composed by at least 70% virgin wool and polyester.
The very high-quality wool is spinned at high density in order to guarantee stability and closeness during long time.
The polyester,on the other hand, gives more toughness to the carpet. The technique used here is hand tufted that allows a manual work of precision on each detail.
Thanks to the thorough craftwork it has been possible to play with different thickness in order to give the collection an original three-dimensional aspect.
To underline the contrasts between the volumes, it has been used also the technique of carving that consists of a light cutting on the outlines of the decorations.
The collection doesn’t want to be a passive part of a room; that’s why the choice of the low reliefs, that let themselves touch by light always in different forms, the colours in harmony with contemporary style, the outlines not always conventional.

Dieses Modell ist verfügbar in zwei Größen:

Ø 130 cm (51.18 in)
Ø 165 cm (64.96 in)
Ø 220 cm (86.61 in)

75% Wolle
25% Polyester
Hand tufting
Relief geometrical outline
Shaped outline
Three patterns, three dimensions, free composition