mercoledì 6 febbraio 2013

Settimo Cielo Collection OR/467 on sale on

Venetian art glass Collection Settimo Cielo

large white chandelier for dinning room
Venetian art glass chandelier OR/467/6+6.TC.BI

Genuine artistic hand and blown glass chandelier from the Venice Maestroes.

Metal finishes: chrome or 24K gold

Settimo Cielo Collection

The art of light, according to strict dictates of the classic Venetian and Murano school, is best expressed here. Lines with marked personalities, in their sinuous forms, express an original style capable of blending perfectly with any interior design.

Venetian art glass chandelier OR/467/8.MC.NE
Venetian art glass chandelier OR/467/10.TC.AR
Venetian art glass chandelier OR/467/6.TC.ORO
Venetian art glass wall lamp OR/467/A3.CR.VE