martedì 8 gennaio 2013

Swarovski crystal. Paramount light elements on

An example of craftmanship and extreme care over detail, 
this collection is characterized by the presence of glass and Swarovski or lead pendants: by mixing classic blown glass with Swarovski glass, we obtain the typical polished effect that creates millions of changing colours and reflections, offering new emotions with each glance.

large crystal chandelier on sale

Swarovski Crystal chandelier OR/468/10+5.CP.SW

10+5 lights chandelier Ø 90 cm (35,43 in) – H 105 cm (41,34 in) 
10+5 X 60W E12/E14 - 110/230V - 19,5 Kg (43 lbs)

Chandelier with crystal lead pendants or Swarovski Strass. 

With Organza lamp shades or without.

Chrome or 24K gold fixture.      

Crystal chandelier on sale made in Italy
Swarovski Crystal chandelier OR/468/6.CP.SW
6 lights chandelier Ø 65 cm (25,59 in) – H 94 cm (37,01 in) 
6 X 60W E12/E14 - 110/230V - 12 Kg (26,45 lbs)

Swarovksi strass on sale
Swarovski Strass crystal chandelier OR/468/10+5.SW
Swarovski strass wall lamp and sconces
Swarovski Crystal wall lamp OR/468/A2+1.CP.SW
2+1 lights wall lamp L 50 cm (19,69 in) - H 54 cm (21,26 in) - SP 36 cm (14,17 in)
2+1 X 60W E12/E14 - 110/230V