venerdì 7 dicembre 2012

Topdomus and the Murano Glass Art.

Murano chandelier Semi Rezzonico

Topdomus realize beautiful Murano’s chandeliers. 
The Murano Maestroes represent the Murano’s glassmakers’ tradition. 
Generations of glass artists who with experience and passion shape the glass to turn it into splendid art works. 
Unique and original chandeliers. Complement furniture, valuable glass works, beautiful to give as gifts or to collect. 
Topdomus realize Murano’s glass chandeliers following the tradition’s rules but they can also create works of drawing , by order.
The range of Murano’s chandeliers realized by the glassworks is very wide and various: Ca’ Rezzonico chandeliers, Semi Rezzonico chandeliers, classical Murano’s chandeliers, modern Murano’s chandeliers, Liberty Murano’s chandeliers and also floor lamps, appliqués, table lamps, ceiling lights and pendant lamps.
Also the productions of the glass objects it’s various: vases, glasses, candelabras, mirrors, goti ( artistic galsses) and other quality art works, ables to satisfy even the most demanding requests.
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Murano floor lamp
Murano glass chandelier