sabato 29 dicembre 2012

Crystal lead pendants...the new collection OR/454 on

Topdomus crystal chandelier
Crystal chandelier OR/454/16+8+4.MC.CP.BI

Crystal lights elements with pendants. 

- Crystal with crystal colored lead pendants
- Colored frame with transparent pendants
- Colored frame with colored pendants

Chrome or 24K gold metal finishes.

Chandelier on sale on
Crystal chandelier OR/454/16+8+4.TC.NE
venetian chandelier and Swarovsky crystal on sale
Crystal chandelier OR/454/16+8+4.MC.BI
Swarovski chandeliers on sale
Crystal chandelier OR/454/8+4.TC.AM
Amethyst crystal chandelier on sale on
Crystal chandelier OR/454/8+4.MC.VI
red chandelier topdomus
Crystal chandelier OR/454/8.TC.RO
amber crystal chandelier
Crystal chandelier OR/454/8.PC.AR
green chandelier on sale
Crystal chandelier OR/454/6.TC.VE
3 lights chandelier with crystal pendants
Crystal chandelier OR/454/3.TC.GI
white crystal suspension
Crystal chandelier OR/454/S25.MC.BI

red wall lamp
Crystal wall lamp OR/454/A3+2.TC.RO
wall sconces with black lamp shades and crystal pendants
Crystal wall lamp OR/454/A2+1.MC.CP.NE
amber wall sconces with crystal lead pendants
Crystal wall lamp OR/454/A2.TC.AM
crystal table lamp with crystal lead pendants
Crystal table lamp OR/454/L.MC.GI
flambeaux table lamp with crystal pendants on sale
Crystal table lamp OR/454/FL4+1.MC.AR