lunedì 5 novembre 2012

Cangini & Tucci ANASTASIA collection on sale

large chandelier
Cangini & Tucci Anastasia 1154.12+6
Cangini & Tucci
Chandelier 18 Bulbs

Chandelier 18 Bulbs in Italian artistic glass completely hand made so each article is absolutely original.

Colours available : transparent, white, pink, shiny, amber, green, light blue, black, apple green, red, orange, violet, light bleu cobalt and tobacco.

Metal finishes in chrome or gold.


CANGINI & TUCCI company works with crafted meticulous preciseness in the glass blown sector.
Producing refined gift articles and very precious furnishins.

Lately they have specialized theyr production introducing a large range of lighting articles, starting from the ancient venetian art, until to apply the most modern rules of design and using the most up-to-date techniques of production.

Detail's care, joint to the use of an higher quality of materials and manufactures is our first objective, in order to offer to theyr estimated customers a very original production.

Design and choise of shapes, colours and decoration have been entrusted to skilful experts.
That study and realize the most interting alternatives of models.

All items are completely hand-made so each article is absolutely original.

For this reason theyr item measures can change of few millimetres from ones we indicated in theyr Catalogue; but they believe this gives theyr products a further value and guaranties their authenticity.


All theyr items are provided of a certificate of warranty that confirms authenticity and their italian origin.

They inform you that yhese items are completely hand-made, for this reason, theyr item colour or glass can change (especially in tonality) and don't have to be considered defectives, but peculiar features that can guarantiee their authenticity and to offer to theyr estimated customers a very original production.   


Topdomus chandelier
Hand and blown glass, Cangini e Tucci

Blown glass chandelier
Cangini e Tucci Anastasia 3 lights chandelier 1154.3L

Big chandelier on sale
Cangini e Tucci Anastasia 1154.8L glass chandelier