mercoledì 17 ottobre 2012

Topdomus: new collection Le Gocce. Murano hand and blown glass chandeliers

Collezione Le Gocce

Genuine artistic hand blown glass chandelier from the Masters of Murano.
Metal finishes: chrome.

An example of craftmanship and extreme care over detail, this collection is characterizedby the presence of glass and lead pendants:by mixing classic Murano glass with lead glass, we obtain the typical polished effect that creates millions of changing colours and reflections, offering new emotions with each glance.                 
Topdomus Murano glass chandelier on sale
Crystal pendants details

Murano crystal chandelier topdomus
Crystal and Murano glass chandelier sy/600/12+6 Submerged Amber with crystal pendants

Transparent crystal Murano blown glass chandelier sy/660/12+6/CR 
Murano blown glass chandelier in amethyst color
Topdomus Murano chandelier 12 lights in Amethyst color sy/660/12/AMT

Topdomus murano chandelier on sale
5 lights Murano glass chandelier sy/660/5/AS

Dining room chandelier
White Milk chandelier. Murano glass with crystal pendants sy/660/6+3/BL

Bedroom 6 lights Murano glass chandelier sy/660/6/BL 
Smoked Murano glass chandelier 8+4 lights sy/660/8+4/FU

Large Murano chandelier for dining room
Submerged Amber 8 lights Murano chandelier with crystal pendants

Bedroom table lamp in Murano blown glass
Murano glass table lamp and crystal. Total transparent

Wall sconce in Murano glass and crystal by
1 light wall sconce in Murano glass and crystal sy/660/A1

sconce lamp for dining room and foyer
crystal transparent Murano wall lamp sy/660/A2/CR

foyer wall lamps
Milk white 3 lights wall lamp in Murano glass with crystal Asfur pendants sy/660/A3/BL

Topdomus sconce lamp
Total transparent Murano blown and hand glass sy/660/A2/CR

Lustre de murano en vente
Bathroom and foyer Murano glass chandelier 3 lights by Topdomus Murano