martedì 4 settembre 2012

Chess-board in Alabster SC14138NS on sale on

Chess-board in Alabster on sale on
Chess-board in Alabster SC14138NS
Chess-board in Alabster SC14138NS

Chess-board in Alabster.

Made in Italy.

Delivery in 15 working days.

The alabaster, formed in the territory of Volterra during the Miocene period from the concentration of marine salt, in particular chloride of sodium and sulfate of calcium, is a candid stone sometimes marked with stripes, variously opaque and much more softer than marble, which makes it easy to create sculptures rich in details and luminous objects.

The alabaster is extracted in blocks of oval shape in galleries deep from 50 to 100 meters situated in Castellina Maritima or in opened sky caves in the communes of Pomarance, Gesseri and Ulignano.

The alabaster blocks are opportunely cut and dimensioned for the successive stages of work: the squadratura and the tornitura.

For the squadratura workings, the slabs are sawed in geometric shapes and then cut with discal saws and taglierine for work of mosaics, chessboards and other.

For the tornitura workings, the slabs are sawed in cylindrical shapes and are glued at a specific time with a special glue to the axis of the lathe, using affixed tools called rampini, the pieces are then dug and smoothed down with abrasive papers.

Then delicately they are detached from the lathe, because by now they have become vases, bowls, plates, lamps, and they are polished by hand or colored in bath of ecological colors.