lunedì 2 luglio 2012

Wood statue lamp 739/6 made in Italy on

Mori wood statue lamp
Wood statue lamp 738/8

Wood statue lamp.

The Di Benedetto Lampade company started its adventure in 1969, specializing in the production of handcrafted lamps, appliqué, ceiling lamps, floor lamps, made of solid wood and decorated with gold and silver leaf.

The products are handmade and decorated with Florentine or Venetian techniques. Turning and carving are some of the characteristics which identify the articles in the catalogue such as the Moors for example, or rather; wooden statues completely made of solid wood and carved by hand.

Each article is supplied with a lamp shade appropriately dedicated to it and made handmade.

Over the years, the production has been enriched with new and refined articles in classic and modern styles. 

Faithful to the craft traditions, the Di Benedetto lamps are created and finished with attentive and expert handiwork according to the classical Florentine techniques.
Onto the wood, gilding, lacquer or natural finish, processes for antiquing are applied which bestow a time worm patina.

The first phase of the work is wood turning where, often, the use of hand chisels is required for completing the lamps. In subsequent phases carving is carried out on those parts that require it.

The most important phase for enhancing the appearance of the lamp is decoration, where gold or silver leaf is used. For other finishes, Venetian and Florentine lacquering techniques are adopted.

Wood Flambeau

TOPDOMUS has decided to run for these new elements because house decoration and lighting is a never-ending story: new emotions light up our minds and hearts when we come across refined objects from one of the most interesting regions of Italy: Tuscany.

Di Benedetto Lampade is a new opportunity in Topdomus vast and monthly updated selection.

Wood flambeau with 6 lights made in Italy
Wood statue lamp 739/6