venerdì 1 giugno 2012

Patrizia Volpato MAGMA collection on sale on

Patrizia Volpato MAGMA Wall lamp 0450/APP38x11
Patrizia Volpato
Wall lamp

Hand-cutted crystal pendents.
Available in four different colours: clear, amethyst, amber and red.

Iron structure trated with a 15 micron nickel process.
Available in polished chrome or polished 24 karat gold.

Articles with bulbs included.


A sculpture of light that captures the strength and warmth of Nature: Magma is the new Patrizia Volpato creation dedicated to rooms which have their distinct and unique style.

It creates precious reflections of silver or gold with the sparkling facets of crystal.

Total freedom of choise, Magma is available in the wall, ceiling or standard versions.


Patrizia Volpato is a combined series of technical and artistic skills which make it possible to transform a product into a complete and personal project advisory service.

A stylistic universe of reference which starts from the excellence of the chosen raw materials and the craftsmanship quality of the product, to define a name that is unique of its kind, dedicated to a refined target of customers who love contemporary luxury and atmospheres which are continuously renewed to delight and astonish.


From the idea to the shape.

Recognise the spark of creativity and help it take shape through our experience: this is our method.

We develop our lighting solutions inspired by both modern design and the most traditional styles, to offer you a wide choice with the certainty of long-lasting quality.


Constantly on the boundaries between art and craftsmanship, theexpertise of the great Venetian glassmakers is the distinguishing mark of all Patrizia Volpato production, as only through extensive knowledge of 'glass ' and its delicacy and splendour can the right and very original combinations be made with other materials, to create our precious and unique collections.


In the light of your projects.

With our team of planners specialised in contract projects, Lamp studies and produces 'luminous' proposal for any size interior, backed up by very precise and punctual service ti give timely answer during consultation, delivery and after-sales assistance.