giovedì 28 giugno 2012

Lamp reveals beautiful petals of light: the birth of BOCCIOLI. On sale on

Boccioli di Patrizia Volpato on sale on

Patrizia Volpato BOCCIOLI Floor lamp 0470/LT

Delicate arrangements of iridescent buds that open to reveal beautiful petals of light: Boccioli, the new creation designed by Lamp, has sprung forth.

The splendid result of the Venetian company's more than twenty years' experience, Boccioli
stands out for its fresh and original style, in which light and colour fill the environment with brilliant grace. 

Amber, amethyst, red, black and also simply transparent: the various tones with which any
environment can burst into flower.

Table lamp Boccioli on sale on

Patrizia Volpato BOCCIOLI Table lamp 0470/L3

Refined and innovative, the table lamps and the spotlights, the imposing and versatile ceiling fight fixtures and the suspended lamps, new and chic the standard lamps, which - like an elegant bunch of flowers - enliven the atmosphere of lounges and showrooms.

Different sized can be combined at will, with chrome or gold finishes alternately glossy and
brushed. A line that not only gives light but which creates absolutely new aesthetic effects.

Collection: Boccioli
Model: spot, wall lamp, standard lamp, table lamp, ceiling fixture, suspended lamp.
Design: Lamp Lab
Materials: finish in gloss chrome with details in brushed chrome or in gloss gold with details in brushed gold. Transparent hand-worked crystal, also available in four different colours (amethyst, amber, red, black).
Measurements and illuminating power: various

recessed light in crystal on sale on

Patrizia Volpato BOCCIOLI Recessed Spot light 0470/LT