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QUADRATO DIGITALE 120 x 40 - Nautilus on sales on

Gli Scartati QUADRATO DIGITALE 120 x 40 - Nautilus
QUADRATO DIGITALE 120 x 40 - Nautilus

Rediscovered space

DESIGN Marcello Gennari
DECORATIONS Lorella Boiani

CREATED to give meaning to small spaces.
DESIGNED to stand out from the monotonous era of homologation.
CONCEIVED to energize your living spaces with cheerful and decorative containers.
MADE in Italy to ensure a high quality product that is affordable.

Designed and built in Italy, the GLI SCARTATI collection is crafted with expertise and attention, using high level techniques.
The quality of the enamel finishes and certain constructive expedients have allowed us to achieve excellent results at low cost.

MDF panels class E1 (UNIEN 309) to low formaldehyde content, thickness 18 mm, covered with melamine paper and PVC edges 1.5 mm thick, applied with polyurethane glues.
Each wall cupboard is enameled on the outside, including the front edges, with glossy or matte-embossed finished.
The 45° cuts on the sides, top and bottom make it possible to hide the heads of the panels , during assembly and obtain a piece of furniture that is perfectly finished on all sides.

MDF panel class E1, thickness 6 mm, faced with melamine paper.

MDF panel class E1 (UNIEN 309) with low formaldehyde content, thickness 22 mm, faced with melamine paper.
Each door is enamelled front and back with glossy or matte-embossed finish, upon request.
In the digitally printed graphics version, directly on the finished door, the image has a high definition photo quality.
Treatment with UV lamps crystallizes the colour and makes the print particularly resistant.
Door (without handle) opens with push-push system by simply pressing it.

For a square door: metal printed with nickel plate finish, adjustable in height and depth; rapid release.
For rounded door: foldaway metal, flush mounted in side panel.

For porthole door with 4 mm thick frosted tempered glass or mirror 4 mm thick with safety film.
Inner shelves of transparent tempered glass, 4 mm thick.

Zamak alloy (zinc, aluminium, magnesium, copper) with transparent rubber support and shelf clamping element.

The wall cupboard is hung on hideaway hanger brackets applied to the sides and back.
These are adjustable from inside the wall cupboard through small holes (later closed with hole cover plugs) that allow height and depth adjustment.

Clean with a soft cloth and normal glass cleaners.
Degrease with alcohol diluted by 50% or other non-aggressive cleansers.
Do not scratch or use cleaners containing abrasive substances.

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FINISHES: Glossy or matte/embossed

STRUCTURE: 40 x 40 cm

DEPTH (door included 2 cm):20 cm or 27 cm

INTERNAL SHELF: Transparent glass

CLOSURE: With magnet and safety system for the clamping of inner glass shelf.

Delivery times 3/4 weeks