giovedì 22 marzo 2012

A passion for beautiful things, for design and for Italian products led to the creation of TopDomus .

De Majo Wall lamp De Majo CHÉRIE AP6

A passion for beautiful things, for design and for Italian products led to the creation of TopDomus .

A website which offers the best product to light up and warm your home is the result of over 50 years in the furnishings and lighting sectors.

We present numerous collections and we know how to give you the best advice: our customers all over the world trust us because of the experience we have developed in on-line sales, on E-bay and on the website, which is now being replaced by the website.

We consider our customers friends and we receive and proudly publish photographs of our products in their homes.
We always reply promptly to questions, trying to find the best solutions to all the needs of those who contact us.

Lastly, there is one very important thing: we have a face and a name.

We want you to know that we are the same as you, we like the same things and we love our work: this is why we will always be available to you.

De Majo The ability to interpret and offer an artisan tradition of crafting expertise and know-how.

The talent of skilled craftsmen which still today holds the key to a unique heritage of culture.

Chandeliers which enriched the homes of noble Venetians in the XVIII° centur y today, as then, maintain their eternal charm for their timeless splendour.

MADE IN MURANO AUTHENTIC without being overly ornate offers true elegance and beauty.

ZEROOMBRA is a dynamic new company that has decided to invest and experiment to create new products for the international market, with an industrial approach geared to energy saving. The company offers a series of new lighting products based on the latest LED (Light Emitting Diode) technologies which, in addition to guaranteeing lower energy consumption, generate new design objects with high-efficiency lighting suitable for all types of environment. Zeroombra is the brainchild of the Leonardo and Eleonora Battiston brothers, experienced designers who are passionate about their work; the company has involved both well-established and emerging young designers in its projects. Zeroombra represents an alternative way of using light sources which meets the increasing needs and demands of the market and lends itself to an innovative use of lighting equipment, combining additional functions... a new history of light!                
Do you want to appreciate the unique taste and real charme of Traditional Venetian Blown Glass and the new trends in lighting solutions?Explore our website,

Take the time to discover what Topdomus offers:brilliant solutions to bring to life  your house, your office , your private retreats with our lighting creations.
Our glass gems will speak loud who you are, your dreams and objectives together with the flair of Italian Style.
Topdomus .com: an unforgettable journey into Venetian design and GlassArt. it,watch it,trust it!

Zeroombra KELLY 2010 Suspension