martedì 2 febbraio 2010

Topdomus and the Sunflower Collection - Van Gogh

Topdomus tàlent, experience and dedication to creating thouthtful and beautiful enviroments
inspired the design of SUNFLOWER COLLECTION.
Our glass artists committed themselves to bringing to life the mood and inner voice of one of the most  famous
 VAN GOGH paintings: The Sunflowers.
You are facing a great team artwork: our glass masters blended devotion to the original painting and
impeccable craftsmanship.
It is an artwork beyond conventions: each gold-sparkled flower, each jade green leaf, each shimmering curl,
each rich detail is warm ,it is  light...when it is lit up rewards.
The Sunflower  is an eclectic collection, a medley of design and accurate details.
Remembrance of genial paintings glorious past and modern techniques.
The Sunflowers is a collection for those who love the sunny side of life and glorify  every and each day.  do welcome our Glass your homes...