giovedì 17 dicembre 2009

TOP DOMUS La Serenissima has always been a source of inspiration.

When you walk down the cosy Venetian calli
you are capture and ispired by the evòcative shadows cast
by its opulent oriental marble doors;
you are impressed by the Venitian Lions,carved in neches...
fiercily standing on top of columns,reproduced on Venitian
rich velvet ...curtains in elegant palaces,they are everywhere..
in Venice and in our beautiful region:every square..,church...,
fortification ...bèar a Veneto.
...Your eyes dig into Venetial Canals
where calm ...lukewarm water
lulls gondolas and gondolieri...
You are dazzled by the imprèssive colours of
S. Marco mosaics,
amàzed by frescoes and painting of artists such as Carpaccio,
Canaletto,Tintoretto and Tiziano...palaces and churches..
covèred with art, fascinating art...
All these masterpieces celebrate...Venezia Golden Age.
Man can today turn to this huge heritage,this vital and elevated tèstimony to man's tàlent,in order to gather inspiration for his own'doings'
Topdomus,our Master of Colour do it!
Topdomus sees itself as an Ambassadòr of the in the present.
When you find yourself in Venice
you simply can't take your eyes off the windows
displaying creations of Pauly,...Barovier&Toso..Venini..
Seguso...Moretti...or other tàlented unknown glass artists
and it seems you hear in your ears their voices...teling you
'we...are unique,not perfect...but unique indeed,
our hands have shapes,moulded...trasformed ideas
into delicate lamps...delightful chandeliers...gracious
vases...colorful glass cascàdes
...we created plays of light and shadows,
we shapes glass into new forms...your form
not perfect...but your form.

Topdomus Glass Artists give each pièce
its distintive tràit,no one is alike.
It is his little'crazy ' detàil that makes a difference
capable of transmitting Venetian Values and Allure.
Glass art,fascinating art...