giovedì 19 novembre 2009

You wanna know why I am so fond of Murano Blown glasses,won't you?

I'll tell you the true story of my passion for Glass masterpieces.

Take a galaxy of glass broken bits,meaningless coloured glass fragments,

a handfull of bright ...multi-colour powders;

take the genious of a wird or wild designer;

mix the skills of a young apprentice

or the unpretentious patience of a mature glass craftsman

stir them all in the unbearable heat of a Venetian furnace:

there you have your masterpiece!

A masterpiece with a soul...blown in it .

It may be an elegant Ca'Rezzònico Chandelier

superbly set in the grand hall

of a Castle

It may be a slim and trendy modern table lamp for your òffice

It may also be a thin opal wall lamp for your loft

or a gispy colourful applìque

they all are unìque!

Not fancy copies of famous works as paintings may be,

but unìque:blown or moulded for your mood,your rooms,your special corners...for you.

Glass conveys a message that carries the essence of Venice: beauty and mistery.

Murano blown glass revèals ...never hides

Glass illuminates...,glass allùres..

Glass dècorates,his beauty ...never fades

Glass reflècts light...

glass is exiciting ...though it is fragìle.

Glass is pop,each of us may have a masterpiece :

a small, a rich ,a simple or a curly original tèstimony of man's 'doing' and its mystery.

Glass is tàngible...but it intrigues.

Glass is thrilling,it is alludes

glass ,your piece of art,never delùdes.

This is why I love Glass,this is why I deal with Glass

maybe this is why YOU want(love) it TOO...

Team TopDomus